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Apartment has the following facilities


Airconditioning with heating possibility

SZÉP Kártya

SZÉP Kártya point


Free parking in the yard


The apartment is located on the Országos Kéktúra


Television with satellite channels

Free Wifi

Free wifi internet access

Quality accommodation

Nice, cozy and clean apartment

Plenty of attractions

Bakony is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Hungary

Spoken language

Owners speak Hungarian and German

Nearest Attractions

The surroundings of Úrkút include plenty of hiking and cycling excursions, including sights, an outdoor family program and hiking opportunities.

Rooms and places

Photos of rooms and places


The apartment owners are at your service

Vágfalviné Ránkli Henrietta

Vágfalviné Ránkli Henrietta


Vágfalvi Norbert

Vágfalvi Norbert



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One of the most beautiful parts of Hungary is the Bakony roughly 4000 square kilometer-wide karst hills, the westernmost and largest member of the Transdanubian Mountains.
In winter and spring you will find exciting hiking trails, hiking trails and lots of attractions.


The National Kéktúra, often simply a Kéktúra, is a continuous, marked hiking trail, which runs from Northern Ireland to the Hollóháza, which is now on the north. Length in 2018 is 1164 km. The Blue Tour is not only Hungary's first long-distance hiking trail in Europe, but also Europe.